COTYLEDON. It’s an anatomical term used in both botany and birth

(two of my favorite subjects).


a cotyledon is a significant
part of the embryo
within the seed of a plant.

After germination,
a seed puts out it’s first “leaves”. These are cotyledons.


After the human egg is fertilized, the placenta is the very first organ to develop.

The maternal surface of the placenta should
be dark maroon in color
and should be divided into
lobules or cotyledons.

There are typically about
20 of these tree-like structures
(called cotyledons)
in the mature placenta. Read the rest of this entry »


The Leonardo

Check out the website of my new-found source of gainful employment:

My official responsibilities as an “Education Specialist” are two-fold:

  1. I help to design this new interactive art/science museum opening in Salt Lake City in 2011.
  2. I drive a 25-ft long cargo trailer to middle schools around Utah and set up science exhibits in their gymnasiums or libraries. The State Department of Education actually pays me (and the others on the “Leo-On-Wheels Team”) to do this — we are working to inspire a love of science in the up-and-coming generation. At least 10 times a day I say, “ISN’T SCIENCE AWESOME!?!”

here is a shot I took of myself on our most recent trip to St. George, UT :


*note the impressive view I have every time I look in my rear view mirror.

…and here’s a look at the whole trailer:


Also, for your perusing pleasure, you may wish to note that I am now a frequent contributor to The Leo on Wheels Blog. Stay tuned.

….oh, and…haha… I am featured in a new youtube video, put together by our intern: