The Sacrament of Birth

My article entitled “The Sacrament of Birth” was published today in Square Two. I think it’s a lovely celebration of Earth Day. (Particularly relevant to Earth Day is the section of the paper entitled “Another Mother” ).

This is how the editor of the journal introduced my piece:

“… one of the most beautiful essays we’ve been privileged to publish here at SquareTwo. It’s by Analiesa Leonhardt, who helps us to recast the international issue of egregiously high maternal mortality rates into the spiritual issue it really is. Leonhardt does so by providing a exegesis of scripture concerning the earthly ordinance of birth. We promise that you will never think about birth the same way after reading this eloquent article.”

Here is a link to the online journal, where you can read the paper that has been rolling through my mind and heart for the past year and a half. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Happy Earth Day to one and all!


Ode to Ruth Stout

My fledgling seedlings are getting so big and strong. I am looking forward to the day when I can set them free outside, and they can bask in an uninhibited stream of photons.

In anticipation of the approaching planting day, I wanted to introduce you to one of my personal heros: Ruth Stout. She is renown intuitive gardener, famous for her deep layers of mulch, and her quick wit.



Today for work I used a pattern from the Inflatocookbook to tape together some painter’s plastic and some leaf-collection bags. Then I attached my star-shaped bubble onto a fan, and turned it on.

Then I climbed inside….

The constant flow of air pressure keeps the door from collapsing:

I hope to make another one that is big enough for many friends to join me. Right now there is just room for about one more…

I’m also hoping to turn the insides into a GIGANTIC microscopic world- something akin to a “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” experience.

…we could be entering one human cell, or a drop of pond water, or a human womb… any ideas??

April Showers

Last night Mother Nature blessed me with an opportunity to pull out my new boots again so I could tromp through the unexpected ice storm. And, this morning I awoke to a charming winter wonderland:

I may be in the minority here, but I love when spring takes her time in fully enveloping us. It tempers my fear that time is moving too quickly, that irretrievable moments are just whizzing by me. Sporadic winter visits calm my heart right down. The vascillations between the two crossing seasons give me time to say a proper and thorough farewell to winter, while spreading out the excitement and anticipation of spring. One of my favorite things about living in a land of four seasons is this magical transition time, and I am grateful that this year the passage from winter to spring is taking its sweet time. To me, the snow storm this morning felt akin to getting a second day of Christmas.

I sang one of my favorite hymns as I admired the ephemeral buds and flowers topped with little mounds of geometric snowflakes:

Dear mother earth,
who day by day
Unfoldest blessings on our way,
O praise Her! Alleluia!
The flowers and fruits that in thee grow,
Let them Her glory also show.

O praise Her! O praise Her!
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!