Snowshoeing with Momma Leo

Over Christmas vacation I went on a sunrise snowshoeing hike with my dear mother.

It was dark and snowy when we headed down the winding wooded road…

And it was still dark when we began tromping through the Wisconsin woodland…

I loved how the wind blew one strip of snow up the east side of each tree trunk.

And I loved the river running along side the forest.

…and meeting up with the tree trunk that looked like a little gnome…

…and hearing the wisdom my mom gleaned from nature…

…and watching the splash of pink grow across the eastern sky…

Thanks Mom. Sure love you.

ps. a note from my mother:

“Thank you Analiesa for the best gift….time with you in nature. … I cherish watching the sun rise with you. I thank God everyday for the children I have. You teach and encourage me in may areas. … Thank you. May the year Twenty-Eleven bring us both a little more Heaven. I love you. -Mom”


One Comment on “Snowshoeing with Momma Leo”

  1. Quela says:

    Loved your last two posts! What a great family to be a part of! 🙂 Wish we could have been there this Christmas!

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