peek-a-boo with a pigeon

I don’t go to fairs for the games or rides. I go for the animals. Not because I relish in rows of caged birds or delight in seals who dance to 90’s music on the hour, but because I think it’s in my blood. I mean, I come from generations of solid farmer stock, and somehow to mingle in a crowd of people who are so proud of their livestock feels homey. The hum of cattle, the mingled smells of funnel cakes and roasted corn and hay and digested hay, children pointing from their shoulder-top perches, the pride of the blue-ribbon bearers…you can’t help but feel like you belong there, right? This year a pigeon even played peak-a-boo with me:


I, for one, never knew that pigeons could be so diverse.

and, here’s a bonus picture of a seal dancing to 90’s music.


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