Rock Gazing

I feel pretty lucky that my work takes me to the far reaches of the state. Our most recent stops for The Leo on Wheels were Escalante and Tropic. Both high schools (spanning 7th to 12th grade) had maybe 100 students, with only one science teacher for the entire school. The combination of small town charm and heart-stopping wilderness made me really reconsider possibilities for future places to live. Let me show you some highlights:

Our truck and trailer bathing in the morning light, parked between the school where we worked and the gas station that fed us. (Most cafes and restaurants were closed for the season).

This is what the landscape looked like for miles of driving. Nothing but geologic history on all sides. I have never had a harder time keeping my eyes on the road while driving.

We learned that the air is so clear here during the winter (when inversions are trapping pollution in the big cities) that it’s possible to see up to 200 miles in distance…or an area the size of New Hampshire!

AND (!!) We were invited to watch the Escalante High’s theater production… a captivating murder mystery.

We also visited Bryce Canyon. I had no idea that place was so magical. Looking at this erosion art felt like a combination of wandering through the ruins of an ancient civilization and cloud-gazing. Here is the castle where I would set up my homestead:

And behind this bush is the cathedral where I would go to worship, and probably yodel too:

And deep in this cavern is where I would store my seeds over the winter:

And here is the daddy-long-leg tree that will teach us to make music with the earth.

And this is where our wise ancestors wait to tell us stories:

And here is the guest house where you can stay if you come visit me:

And when we awaken in the morning, we will use pine-needle brushes to paint with the sun:

Wouldn’t that be lovely?


2 Comments on “Rock Gazing”

  1. Tess says:

    Wow, Ani, this looks very fun.
    I love the Leo On Wheels Trailer…what a wonderful job you have! Southern Utah is beautiful. I’m glad you have been getting fresh air out of the city 🙂

  2. Thelma says:

    Wow! I love love love / miss miss miss Bryce canyon! I feel you rejoicing!

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