Christening of The Bike

You may recall that I found myself an awesome bike a few months ago. Well I finally got it fixed up, just in time for my work trip to St. George. My maiden voyage on the bike happened to be just about as picturesque as you could imagine. I biked up and down the bike path that winds through Zion National Park. The trail crossed many times over the winding Virgin River, the body of water that carved out the massive red rocks on either side of me. I decided it was time to finally name my bike, and that it would only be right if her name tied back to this first glorious ride of ours. After considering many beautiful options, I settled on a name that has stuck. Ready for it?

La Verkin.

Perfect right? La Verkin is the name of the town at the mouth of Zion Canyon. Legend has it that the name is a mutation of “La Virgin” (the Spanish translation of the river’s name). This name’s ridiculousness has always made me laugh. And now I love greeting LaVerkin by name every morning and night. You can check out the town’s website here.
I am official dedicating this blog post to the women of the town of La Verkin photographed below.

To commemorate the naming, both LaVerkin and I took a dip in the Virgin River:

Click on the lizard below to link to other photos I took while hiking and biking around in St. George last week. I was particularly struck by Mother Nature’s brilliant color schemes.


2 Comments on “Christening of The Bike”

  1. Jared says:

    How’s La Verkin treating ya? I’m anxious to get my own bike as soon as tax returns come in.

    • ani says:

      LOVE La Verkin. Today she and I biked up some big hills so we could get a good view of the Salt Lake valley. She didn’t do so hot on the hills… I hope that one day our bikes can meet and go on a ride together.

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