poetry in unexpected places

This weekend a long lost friend invited me over to make bread. She and I are both novices and so needed some guidance. While the bread turned out nicely, the words we read from The Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book, ended up being an even more helpful lesson for my heart:

Adjusting the Consistency

Now before you continue, take a moment to evaluate the dough and decide if it is too slack or too stiff.  You can learn to do this by feeling the dough. Clean your hands and moisten them slightly. Pick up the dough and squeeze it. Feel deep into the dough, not just the surface. It’s sure to be sticky and wet, but is it soft? or is it stiff? A soft, pliable dough makes a lighter bread.

Does the dough resist your touch? Does it strain the muscles in your fingers when you squeeze it? Then it is too stiff. On the other hand, the dough must have enough flour to hold its shape. Does it feel water logged, as if the flour is not contributing much substance to it? Does it have a runny, liquid quality? Then it is too slack. Again, feel deep into the dough.


One Comment on “poetry in unexpected places”

  1. Tess says:

    I love this. Life, as in bread baking, is such an intuitive experience.

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