oh there’s no place like home.

I thoroughly enjoyed the past week in the marvelous Midwest. I feel incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful family. (and I feel incredibly blessed that my flights went smoothly since my connecting airports canceled hundreds of flights during the duration of my travels).  In Wisconsin, 4 foot snow mounds lined the streets and the lakes had long frozen over, allowing trucks and herds of cattle to safely traverse them. Highlights of the trip included the precariously entertaining game of ‘ice soccer’ on the pond behind grandma and gramp’s house; nourishing conversations with kin and friends; jumping on the bed and reading books with my 2-year-old niece; cleaning out the 30+ year-old food storage from my mom’s shelves; ice skating; side-splitting games of Quelf; and a mini road trip with my siblings who are all growing up so fast! Unfortunately I left my camera charger in Utah so I have very few pictures to document the holiday, but here are the few frozen memories:

ice soccer. (courtesy of Quela)

Cleaning out the 30+ year-old food storage.

Reading a book about caring for the earth with niece, Ava. (courtesy of Jenna).


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