Meet Stratford Wendelboe

I think I have the most adorable landlord in the world. He insists we call call him Strat, but how can you when his full name is so perfect: Stratford Wendelboe. He recently treated my three housemates and me out to dinner at The Roof, a $40 per person gourmet buffet.  We are currently living in his childhood home. I loved our 3-hour long dinner conversation (well, story-time) about his childhood. Honestly, I feel so honored to know this man.


3 Comments on “Meet Stratford Wendelboe”

  1. jesse says:

    Stratford Wendelboe was my landlord too when I was in college at the U. I was just thinking about him, and thought I would look him up. I found your blog. I was also very sad to see that Doris passed away last year. Is Stratford actively still landlording? I thought he moved to Provo?

    • ani says:

      He did move to Provo, but he makes it up to SL every now and again to check in on us. I even saw him out raking our leaves one day last fall! It’s been rough on him since Doris passed away. I’m sure Strat would love to hear from you. He seems to have an incredible memory of the names of his tenants.

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